Bands Wanted

Do you play in a fun band and are you interested in spending a day recording your song in a professional recording studio for FREE? Then you've come to the right place.

MusiCasa organizes training in recording and production of music in TOP recording studios throughout Belgium and the Netherlands. As part of the training, we are regularly looking for bands who want to come and record a song which helps the guidance of our students.

What do we expect from the bands:

  1. A minimum line-up of Drums, bass guitar or other bass instruments, guitar or piano, and vocals. Additional and other instruments are always fun and challenging.

  2. Obligatory presence of all musicians at 10h00 (punctual!) at the studio where the recording will take place, until 17h00 (the end of the recording day).

  3. A correct and responsible attitude with respect for people and equipment.

What to expect:

  1. Different mixes of the recordings of the several students attending the training.

  2. The final result is completely in the hands of the students. So don't set your expectations too high, but know that you can certainly get a qualitative demo and at best a professional mix.

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