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The music industry is complex. It's hard to find your own way and turn your passion into your profession. This can be very frustrating.

It’s a huge challenge to get the recognition you deserve. Let alone network with the right people.

There is an enormous range, millions of bands, producers, DJs, and artists. Do you ever wonder how you can make a difference?

MusiCasa offers knowledge, structure and direction based on your goals. Do you want to know what MusiCasa can do for you?

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During the MusiCasa info session, you will get an overview of our exclusive 1-on-1 courses. Besides that, we discuss the approach and vision of the institute, and numerous tips will be shared that may increase your chance of breaking-through in the professional circuit.

Experience what it's like to learn and work in a professional studio and what a MusiCasa education can do for your career.

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