Professional Music Production

The music production course

Music Production Course

The training to become a professional music producer is an exclusive private program with a fully personalized program focused on your future career as a producer.

Throughout the program, you will work with high-quality equipment in a professional recording studio. During the study, you will be coached one-on-one by one or more professional teachers from the industry.

Prior to the program, a personal profile will be drawn up in which your goals and ambition are outlined. Based on this profile, a tailor-made program will be developed. Once initiated, you will work together with our trainers on your own songs or personal projects in the genre you prefer.

Sound and Studio Engineering

During the lessons, essential topics in the field of sound engineering will be addressed. Initially, we focus on the digital creation process and the basic skills of a music producer: recording, mixing & mastering.

Important topics such as acoustics, microphones, studio & recording technique, arrangement, and composition will be covered. Everything depends on your needs. We can also shift our focus to more specific software packages, plug-ins, or equipment.

All the theoretical matter is available through the online learning platform. You can go through this at your own pace, whether or not in parallel with practice. You can always count on the support of our experts for all your questions.

By immediately converting the knowledge you have gained into practice (professional studio), you will soon be able to get comfortable with the subject matter and gain experience throughout the process. In the end, you will be able to work independently with real studio work.

Professional Recording Studio

Our idea is that working one-on-one with professionals in an inspiring atmosphere is the key to your success. Therefore, the practical part takes place in a professional studio.

Your trainers are highly active in the music industry. The selected studios offer a wide range of high-quality equipment. This allows you to learn to work at a high level and to get friendly with professional mixing desks and peripherals.

Digital Training Platform

The theoretical matter is offered integrally via our digital training platform. This unique digital environment allows topic-based subject material and exercises that you can go through step by step at your own pace.

Besides, you can engage yourself in an extensive and high-quality video library or attend interactive live sessions with professionals. This enables you to enjoy an optimal mixture of independent guided study and practice-oriented learning in a professional studio.


The price for this training is € 6.999,00 incl. VAT.

This exclusive private training includes more than 100 hours of learning elements and exercises through our digital training environment. On the other hand, you bring theory into practice in 50 hours of sessions in a professional studio.

You can choose your preferred studio during registration. The practical
lessons can be scheduled at moments that suit you best. The focus is always on
recording and producing music.

The benefits of the Professional Music Production course in a glimpse:

  • One-on-one training with a specialist in a professional recording studio.

  • Completely tailored to your personal ambition and objective.

  • Focus on your music genre and the software you prefer.

  • Lessons are modified to each level and according to your pace.

  • A unique topic-based digital learning environment for self-study and refining your skills.

  • Intensive coaching by teachers from the field.

  • Acces to the world's largest online database of video tutorials in music production.

  • Flexible teaching moments based on your agenda (week- or weekend).

There are also various payment options for this course. You can for example choose for a student loan and pay off the amount on a monthly basis.

Enrolling together with another student

We allow you to attend the training together with another student to decrease the cost. This is possible at a beneficial rate of € 4.999 each. You can bring a friend, but we can also introduce a candidate from the institute when he or she presents himself.

Want to know more? Request particular advice and view the payment tab.

Quality assurance

The Professional Music Production course is an exclusive private program aimed at the professional audio enterprise. The entire program is formed based on your preferences, goals, and ambition.

The 50 hours of practice transpire entirely in the professional recording studio. This takes place under the guidance of professionals who produce or perform daily at high levels in the industry. The selection of our teachers takes place through a strict procedure. In addition to knowledge and experience, we also examine them in the way they convey knowledge.

Want to know more? Take a look at the quality assurence tab.


You also get one year of full access to our digital learning environment, in which you can
fully master audio through extensive video content. You can create an account through MusiCasa Online.

As a student of MusiCasa, you benefit from favorable rates on the purchase of software, monitor speakers, audio interfaces, DJ-gear, controllers, and synthesizers of PRIME brands!

Start: You can begin at any time

Locations: We arrange a professional recording studio near you.

Professional Studio: 50 hours one-on-one with a specialist in the professional studio at
times you prefer (based on availability).

Digital training platform: 100 hours of learning elements and exercises through our digital training environment, which you can go through at your own pace. Throughout your learning process, you can count on a team of experts that assist you with all your questions.

Price: € 6,999 incl. VAT or € 4,499 incl. VAT each, if you follow the course together with another friend or applicant.

Extra: Includes one year's access to the world's largest online database of video
tutorials in music production. Register directly through MusiCasa Online!

More Info? Contact us here or register for our free info moments!

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