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Invite new members

As a member of MusiCasa you can invite fellow musicians, DJs, and Producers to join the MusiCasa Community through your social media.

More members, more credits

You receive credits in your account by inviting new members! The more members you convince, the greater the compensation.

Gain extra

If an applied member in turn also brings in people, you earn credits again, and this time without doing anything!

Redeem for gear

The credits you collect in your account can be redeemed for gear! Studio monitors, audio interfaces, microphones, etc.

150 credits

ISO Acoustics ISO-130 speakerstands

Audix CX-112 condensor microfoon

300 credits

Audix CX-112 condensor microphone

Adam Audio T7V studio monitor

450 credits

Adam Audio T7V studio monitor

RME Babyface Pro FS

750 credits

RME Babyface Pro FS

Adam Audio A7X studio monitor

1100 credits

Adam Audio A7X studio monitor

Expand your studio with free gear?
Take advantage of our ambassador program!

Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Enjoy the benefits in just 3 steps

Step 1

Scan your network

Search through your social media channels for fellow musicians, DJs, and producers. You'll often recognize them by their creative profile picture or inspiring quotes.

Step 2

Invite them

Invite them to create an account and join the MusiCasa community. registering is free of charge and there are many benefits.

Step 3

Receive your reward

For each member who creates an account through your invitation, credits will be added to your account. You can redeem these credits for rewards!

Expand your studio with free gear?
Take advantage of our ambassador program!

MusiCasa Netwerk
Strong Together

The power of a creative network

By bringing many creative creators together, the benefits for each member are maximized. The more members the platform has, the greater the audience and clout towards labels, record companies, and booking offices.

As the number of members increases, there are also more opportunities for gigs, studio time, and group discounts on gear with our partners.

Under the motto "strong together" all active musicians, DJ's and producers come together on the MusiCasa platform. This puts you at the beginning of the most dynamic musical environment worldwide.

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